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New + help?

hello everyone ^_^ im new to this community because im actually planning on cosplaying for real to conventions (as in, not just half-assing stuff XDD) and i need some reference pic help and possibly some concrit on some makeup... because i want to make this good! as good as i can make it!

anywho, im cosplaying kisaki in a costume that, as far as i know, was only a photoshoot costume and not used to anything else. that being said, good references are hard to find. i have a good idea about the front and top of the costume, but not of the bottom.

also, under the cut, me doing some kisaki makeup... i think it came out well, but any suggestions are definately welcome.

im making this costume... and i think i have all the scans of it in magazine articles, but i dont have any live pictures, offshots (other than from kisaki's blog) or video to see the bottom or back
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and, as for the makeup, this is what ive been able to come up with doing... ignore the fact that my hair covering the wrong eye. i have terrible depth perception in my right eye, so im not really willing to grow out my bangs, re-cut them and then be running into everything... so i will have to be mirror-kisaki XD

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

my bathroom's lighting likes to eat colors, so i have some funky filters on this one... but color isnt a problem for me... if im not doing the actual contours of the makeup correctly, then perfect color wont help it.
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also, if anyone who knew of my previous cosplay plans and are wondering what happened to them... well... kodoku mousou tsubasa is too revealing and i need some extra money from my parents... i know they would not let me wear that in public. as for yokan toshiya, i cant find the shoes and i dont really want blue hair again... and i also dont think i can lose enough weight for that to look right on me.

thanks in advanced... i hope this community isnt completely dead... and i will probably x-post this if i can think of anywhere that might also be a good place to find help...

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