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Two cosplays to share:
1x Közi
1x Jasmine You (HIZAKI grace project)

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^Unfortunately I was being blown all over the place in this picture, so the top layer of the skirt and the straps was being blown back! Gyaah! So far haven't found a picture of this taken indoors where I wasn't windswept ^^;

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Cosplayed at: Amecon 2007 (10th-12th August)
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wow, your Közi cosplay is so amazing *.* (I want to make it but I can't seem to find the rhombus fabric, and I swore last time I had to paint rhombus in fabric I won't do it again XD)
Thanks =D
I couldn't find fabric in the right pattern either, so I made a black dress and sewed on the red diamonds (upon close inspection of a ginormous Kozi scan I figured that's what Yukari Ohba/whoever actually made the costume did as I swear I could see stitchmarks!) It was mind-numbingly boring and repetitive and I think I'll scream if I have to cut one more little red diamond! lol
Your Közi cosplay looks great! And I'm so happy to see someone cosplay Jasmine :D
Thank you =)
I found an Elmo in a charity shop a while ago and considered it was the cosmos's way of saying 'cosplay Jasmine You!' (okay, that's just an excuse XD)