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Dir en Grey Cosplay

Well, I proudly present a Dir en Grey cosplay.
My friends and I wore the costume at a German Visual Kei Con in Cologne (KöVit) in january.
(and took part in a competition :D second >_<v)
Just two photos, sorry, but a complete Dir en Grey cosplay group :D

It's Dir en Grey's Dragonfly Photobook outfit

Credits for the photo: Trunks
More at animexx for those who want to have a look x3

Each of us paid about 15€
For those who might be interested, we used:
2 paperbags for each mask (plus an extra bio paperbag for Kyo)
different finger paint/ edding
1,5-1,7m black fabric

and a notepad for each of us, since we decided not to talk at all ;D

This picture was taken during the competition :D
Sorry about the quality~

Hope you enjoyed it :D
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